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Our approach

From strategy towards success


We are the outboard engine


We are the outboard engine. Together we determine the strategy, start-up projects and accelerate things.

After an intake (A) in which we will determine the goal of our collaboration together, we will guide you through three steps using interviews and/or workshops (B):

1. Destination: translate where you want to go into a clear vision.
2. Port of origin: analysis of your current situation as a clear starting point.
3. Context: essential step to enable correct decision making: in what context are you operating and what factors are influencing your options?

Subsequently, we’ll determine together what you need and the course you will take to reach your destination. We’ll capture this in a concrete & compact advice (C).

Finally, we can keep you on course (coaching), realize a piece of the execution or market the innovation (D).


Bringing in the outside world


We – literally and figuratively – connect your needs to the required expertise, the people to meet and the companies to collaborate with.

As an expert ‘on standby’ we bring the outside world in, by means of:

  • Searches & matchmaking
  • Workshops & roundtables
  • Setting up collaboratieve partnerships

Opportunities and developments
that break the status quo


We get the conversation going with alluring presentations that move to action.

  • The world in the eyes of the Maritime Sisters’
    Opportunities & developments that break the status quo
  • ‘Igniting innovation by bringing worlds together’
    Building ecosystems & networks to accomplish your goals (faster)
  • ‘Diversity as a multiplier’
    The buttons to push for more innovative power and work satisfaction