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‘Bringing worlds together for a future-proof maritime sector!’

Innovation has put the Netherlands on the maritime world map thanks to vision, guts, knowledge and skills, but above all: capable people. As far as we’re concerned, those are exactly the ingredients with which we will hold onto our leading position.

However, the challenge is that our current position is largely based on fossil fuels and an unsustainable ecological footprint. Which is no longer tenable or acceptable for our society and more and more organizations. On top of that, change seems to be the new normal. In addition to strong leadership, this also requires creative leadership.

In addition to operating successfully in the here and now, companies also have to work on a future perspective in which they convert the changes that come their way into opportunities. This ensures the continuity of organizations and keeps them one step ahead of the competition. This requires not only rethinking, but also (radical) innovations and new sustainable revenue models, which are only achieved through smart (chain) cooperation.

The maritime sector’s track record proves that we have the ability to create breakthrough technologies with the smartest minds and skilled hands. But the reality is that our sustainable track record is still too limited.

We need change now!

We need to get the sector moving by bringing out the best in innovation in organizations and using it for the necessary change.

We can break down barriers by inspiring and energizing teams. By raising, connecting and accelerating different ideas. By bringing in opportunities and developments from the outside world. And finally to determine the innovation strategy for the necessary structural change.

We are the inspirers for innovative ideas, the challengers of the management team, the kick starters to realize innovations and the entrance to new collaboration partners.

In short, we are your innovation partner-in-crime on the way to a sustainable maritime future #getpropelled!

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We are heading for a future-proof maritime sector by bringing out the best in innovation in organizations.

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