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(work in progress) Recalibration vision & mission innovative global ship manager scroll down

Recalibration of the vision & mission of an innovative global ship manager
(work in progress)

MF Shipping Group is an absolute frontrunner in making our sector more sustainable. Very cool to support this beautiful player in recalibrating their vision and mission that captures the ambitions, inspires and encourages action. Moving forward in every way!

In the past months, we have spoken to various international stakeholders, held a co-creation session with the internal organization and entered into discussions with the MT. Everything in a creative way, to achieve maximum results while minimizing the burden for the organization.

To be continued. Keep an eye out for these special people with an important mission!


About MF Shipping Group

MF Shipping Group is a full-service fleet manager and responsible for the day-to-day management of a fleet of more than 53 product, oil and chemical tankers, dry cargo vessels and cement carriers. They provide a wide range of valuable services to their customers. Its tasks range from overseeing new shipbuilding projects, crew matters and nautical-technical management to financial management and quality control.

In terms of size the organisation is listed in the top ten in the Netherlands and occupies an especially prominent position in the tanker segment market.

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