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Moderating strategic members meeting for the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR)

The KVNR is setting course towards a future-proof maritime sector. During the last members meeting, the biggest current challenges were examined in an interactive way. It was up to the Maritime Sisters to lead a lively and energetic discussion with the shipowners, Dutch government representatives and educational institutions. The members had to take an active position on the basis of challanging propositions, which resulated in using literally all corners of the room.

In less than an hour, the competitiveness of the Dutch flag, sustainable entrepreneurship and the importance of automation for both safety at sea and the enormous talent challenge were swiftly discussed. These challenging themes were tackled on the spot, while encouraging those present to take action.



The KVNR represents its member shipowners based in the Netherlands. The KVNR focuses on politics, government, the maritime cluster and society. The KVNR strives to ensure that Dutch shipowners can operate globally while navigating safely with clean ships operated by skilled crews.

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