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Challenging maritime conventions!
Not as a goal in itself, but for a sustainable maritime future.


‘Towards a net zero world’ is an opportunity in the making according to organisers of the Portugal Mobi Summit 2023. A 2-day international event where issues related to sustainable mobility where discussed.

We were invited to share our personal journey with an opening keynote, zooming in on how we challenge maritime conventions. Not as a goal in itself, but for a sustainable maritime future. After our keynote address we ignited a valuable conversation with the audience and fellow panellists. The strong maritime roots and well-developed innovation ecosystem make Portugal an interesting partner-in-crime on our mission.

Let’s continue opening the ‘black box’ that our sector still is for the much needed talent out there!


About the Portugal Mobi Summit 2023

“The Cascais Summit was the highlight of the 6th edition of the Portugal Mobi Summit, with two days of live debates and presentations by international speakers. From examples of innovation in the maritime sector by the Maritime Sisters and Portugal’s TecnoVeritas, to the role of AI in redesigning cities, Nova SBE gave stage to new trends in the energy transition. The latest advances in electric, battery or hydrogen mobility were highlighted with a view to decarbonising transport. And there was also room for Uri Levine to talk about Waze and how to create a start-up. Or how European cities are switching to bicycles.”

Portugal Mobi Summit 2023 is an initiative of the Global Media Group and EDP, in partnership with the Municipality of Cascais, and the Municipality of Lisbon, Grupo Brisa, and Fidelidade. The event, not entirely coincidental, coincided with COP28, with the common goal of helping to combat climate change.

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