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Future direction for PortXL
'World's first port accelerator'
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Re-imagining a sustainable port- and maritime future by re-imagining PortXL

The PortXL supervisory board asked us to execute a quick scan to determine the future-proofness and potential of the PortXL accelerator program.

Based on existing documentation and reports, desk research (market exploration) and above all interaction with the many stakeholders (both existing and new), within 7 weeks we have delivered a recalibrated vision and impact in 1, 3 and 5 years, corresponding proposition(s), what to retain and adjust in the strategy and a perspective on the required team competences – which strengthen the vision, strategy and proposition. It also included an extensive SWOT and analysis of the top 10 risks that could hinder the implementation of the vision.

With the market exploration, we not only identified the needs, current offerings – including the international accelerator playing field (competitors/colleagues) – and possible collaboration partners and users, but also specifically looked at which cards PortXL holds and what are current challenges. Validation conversations were held with current, former and potential partners, start- & scale-ups, managers of overarching strategic agendas, potential collaboration partners and of course the PortXL team and supervisory board itself, with which we stayed in close touch along the way.

Last but not least, we looked within our own network and explored which stakeholders could strengthen PortXL to create a multiplier effect and make PortXL future-proof.

We look forward to sailing this new course!


About PortXL

PortXL is a B2B maritime accelerator with a focus on creating tangible business value for both maritime start- & scale-ups who are serious about building their business, as well as its partners.

Founded in 2015, PortXL is dedicated to empowering start- & scale-ups that are revolutionising the maritime, port, offshore and logistics sectors. They provide selected start- & scale-ups from all over the world with access to an extensive network of companies, mentors, investors, and industry leaders, giving them the opportunity to develop, validate, and scale their innovative solutions.

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