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by turning stakeholder perspectives into a blueprint for action at the Sustainable Port Conference Co-creating the sustainable Port of Bilbao scroll down

Co-creating the sustainable Port of Bilbao by turning stakeholder perspectives into a blueprint for action at the sustainable port conference

Bringing together stakeholders and multiplying their energy and ideas as a kickstarter for change. That is what the months running up to the signing of the new port declaration were all about. At the request of CamaraBilbao we defined creative ways to not only bring the perspectives of different stakeholders together, but most importantly open up new conversations about the #portofthefuture and how city and port can strengthen each other.

Taking inspiration from the past, building on Bilbao’s rich history ánd the bright minds coming together at the #sustainableportconference were key components. And mostly: leveraging their energy as a multiplier to turn challenges into opportunities. Because a truly futureproof and resilient port does exactly that!

Literally bringing people on the same page on important topics like governance & ethics, health & wellbeing, port-city dialogue and climate & energy – collaborating with a professional visual facilitator – delivered a blueprint for Bilbao Port to shape a vision and define next steps in the development of the sustainable port of the future.

There is a lot to build upon: a rich past, innovation initiatives such as the Portlab and above all: the fantastic mentality. We are looking forward to continuing the ‘magic’!


About Bilbao Port

Bilbao Port is on a mission to become a fully sustainable port. A port that creates economic, environmental and social value, living up to the strategic agenda of the United Nations and complying with the SDG’s. Naturally this is a co-creation between the different agents, the port community, the administration and the citizens. Together with a committed (port) community, it aims to create a solid alliance and cooperation that will transform Bilbao into a futureproof and resilient port city.

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