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We are responsible for processing personal data as described in the privacy statement below. This statement explains how we handle personal data, and clarifies which data we collect and the purposes for which it is used. We also explain how you can manage, change or remove your personal data. We believe it is important that you are properly informed and recommend carefully reading our privacy statement.


Maritime Sisters is responsible for the processing of personal data and applies the provisions included in this privacy statement.

1.     Contact details

2.     Processing of general personal data

3.     Processing of special and/or sensitive personal data

4.     Purpose of and foundation for personal data processing

5.     Managing, changing or removing data

6.     Participation in activities

7.     Sharing personal data with third parties

8.     Personal data storage term

9.     Personal data security

10.  Automated decision-making

11.  Website cookies

12.  Complaints procedure

1. Contact details
Maritime Sisters

2. Processing of general personal data
We process your personal data because you provided the data to us as part of a business relationship or because you participate in an activity we’ve organized. Below is an overview of the personal data we have stored in our databases:

• First and last name
• Company name
• Address details (postal and visiting address)
• Phone number (office and mobile)
• Email address
• Other general (public) personal data you have actively provided in correspondence and/or by phone and/or personal contact (such as information related to your social  media accounts)
• Financial and/or general company data (such as Chamber of Commerce number or account numbers)

3. Processing of special and/or sensitive personal data
In principle we only store the data indicated in section 2, which means we do not store any special and/or sensitive data unless explicitly indicating that this is strictly necessary for participation in and/or realization of an activity. Examples may include the registration of participants for a meeting on secure premises (for which a passport/ID and/or license plate is required), dietary preferences for event catering or speeches/presentations that require a curriculum vitae and/or photo. Consent will be explicitly requested per activity, stating the purpose of the data collection. Consent is also explicitly requested for sharing data with third parties insofar as this is essential for realization of the activity. The data will be destroyed immediately after the activity has taken place.

4. Purpose of and foundation for personal data processing
We process your data for the following purposes:

• To make contact (correspondence by post or digitally, contact by phone and/or in person) related to business, for example information supply/exchange or activity participation.

• To send newsletters, other mailings and marketing publications and/or invitations to activities.

• To process payments for services provided or activity participation.

5. Managing, changing or removing data
You are entitled to manage, correct or remove your personal data, retract your permission for data processing and object to the processing of your personal data. In addition, you can submit a request to have us send your personal data to yourself or another organisation that you indicate.

Requests to manage, correct, remove or transfer personal data, retract your permission or object to the processing of personal data should be sent to Your request will be handled as soon as possible, and you’ll be informed of the status within four weeks.

6. Participation in activities
You will be asked to agree with this privacy statement when registering to participate in activities.

• This means that you agree with being captured on photo and/or film, and that the images can be used to report on the event and/or for marketing purposes (such as in the website, social media or other media publications insofar as they are related to the event in question).

• You also agree with the recording, storage and processing of general personal data provided during the event (via business cards, company brochures, presentations, etc.). This data will only be used for the purposes described in section 4 of this statement.

• We will explicitly ask for your consent as described in section 3 of this statement should special and/or sensitive data be required to realize an activity.

• If it is necessary to share data with third parties to realize an activity, the provisions described in section 7 of this statement apply. Examples of such third parties are conference organizers, caterers, media companies and/or other companies/institutions involved in organizing and/or realizing a specific activity. Before data is shared with a third party as described here, the participants are first informed of the name of the organization/supplier and provided with their contact details so they can always be traced back to your activity registration.

• In all cases – when registering for participation in an activity or during the realization thereof – you can always exercise your rights related to the protection of personal data as described in section 5 of this statement. Any requests to manage, correct, remove or transfer your personal data, retract your consent or object to the processing of personal data should be sent to

7. Sharing personal data with third parties
We only supply your data to third parties if this is necessary for the realization of an agreement or to comply with legal obligations. We will never sell your data to third parties.

8. Personal data storage term
Your personal data is only stored for as long as strictly necessary to realize the goal for which it was collected.

9. Personal data security
We take protection of your data seriously and have the necessary measures in place to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, undesired publication and unauthorized changes. If you feel your data is insufficiently secure or there are indications of misuse, please contact us via

10. Automated decision-making
We do not make decisions about issues that may have (major) consequences for individuals based on automated processing. This involves decisions made by computer programs or systems without human intervention.

11. Website cookies
Maritime Sisters only uses technical and functional cookies as well as analytical cookies that do not infringe upon your privacy. These cookies are used to ensure the technical functioning, optimization and ease-of-use of the website. Third-party cookies (associated with social media channels) and links to third-party websites are outside the sphere of influence of Maritime Sisters, and we refer to the privacy statements of the relevant partners for more information. You can indicate whether you accept the use of cookies when visiting the website, and have the option to unsubscribe from cookies and remove previously stored data via your internet browser settings.

12. Complaints procedure
Please address any complaints about the storage or processing of your data to so we can instantly take corrective measures. We also refer you to the option to lodge a complaint with the national supervisor, the Dutch DPA, via this link.