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#getpropelled Kickstarters of
innovation & cooperation
Our story

Towards a futureproof
maritime sector

We are your innovation partner-in-crime for a rock-solid innovation strategy,
appealing projects and impactful collaborations.

The maritime sector is vital to our society and our future, to connect the world, create new land and provide access to remote places.

The world is changing fast and a sustainable footprint is crucial.
To stay futureproof we need to set sail into a new direction. Innovation, diversity and collaboration are the switches that need to be flicked.

Let’s determine your course together!



We are the Maritime Sisters

On a mission to shake up the status quo – in every way.

Bringing out the best innovations in organizations is our power. We set things in motion with our energy, by connecting the dots and by making new connections

Our drive, energy and network will make the difference!


Innovation placed the Netherlands on the maritime world map thanks to vision, guts, knowledge, skills and, mainly, capable people. We think these are exactly the ingredients with which we are going to keep our leading position.

How we do this

Our approach

We get the maritime sector in motion and determine the right course together.
We are the inspirators for novel ideas, the challengers of the management team, the kick starters of innovation and the point of entry to new collaboration partners.

In short, we are your innovation partner-in-crime on our way to a sustainable maritime future.




We are the outboard engine. Together we determine a strategy, accelerate business and start new projects.



We connect you with the outside world by spotting opportunities, finding collaboration partners and bringing in the right expertise.



We stimulate the dialogue with alluring presentations that ignite action.

“In their own way Sylvia and Marjolein know how to create an open & trusted setting, a dynamic in which innovation ignites!”

Jan-Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister, Chairman Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition, External Senior Advisor EY, Professor Erasmus University

Maritime Sisters

Who are we?

Two energetic lateral thinkers with maritime DNA, often described as super connectors on a mission to make the sector futureproof.

But most of all a robust, complementary team as sisters, shedding a different light on the sector with their own voice and approach.



Maritime Sisters

How do we complement each other?

Together we cover the entire innovation spectrum. With a master in (international) business administration and corporate experience in innovation, communication and marketing. From idea generation and conceptualization, to marketing and commercialization.

Our entrepreneurial approach is characterized by decisiveness, humor and our ability to reframe. This is combined with our social skills – enabling us to get the best out of people –  and leading to refreshing outcomes.

Sylvia brings structure and Marjolein brings creativity to our collaboration. And while Marjolein’s power is to get to the bottom of things, Sylvia’s is cutting cords.


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We are heading for a future-proof maritime sector by bringing out the best in innovation in organizations.

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